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Links to the various places you’ll find me and my work.




Where all my books are listed/reviewed and available to purchase. 



Includes my works and some reviews by readers.


‘Inspiration Speaks’

An interview I gave back when I was still using Facebook.



 Although I consider myself to mainly be a writer/author, I also play the djembe drum, tongue drum, shamanic frame drum and sing chant vocals for my music project ‘In-Woods’…



l do have a Youtube channel but it only has a few promotional videos on there right now… and a stream of the In-Woods ‘album’.


My early mental health work under the name S.WESTWOOD…

I was in two minds whether to link to these, but it was a big part of my life so seemed disrespectful to that old me to just ignore it.  

I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life, although I wonder if it is now ‘depressive realism’.  But in the past it really did debilitate me, and coupled with BDD – Body dysmorphic disorder – I have seen some dark times in a lot of distress.

I wrote an autobiography, using writing as a catharsis.  The publishing of the book ‘Suicide Junkie’ enabled me to work as a public speaker and voice for the disorder.  I also appeared on TV/radio spreading awareness and offering hope to those who were in that same, dark place.

‘Suicide Junkie’ did well despite its rough writing and bad editing so I followed it with a short story collection (which was patchy at best) and a re-edited / re-release of ‘Suicide Junkie’ under a new title and with a fresh ending chapter. 


I’ve done other bits here and there… and I’ll probably do more in the future.  I really have no idea what I’ll do next.  I’m a creative person, but I am also a loner and extremely cynical about the whole promoting myself, trying to achieve and be ambitious malarkey.  The internet makes it easier to get out there… but now there is SOooo much out there.  I feel the urge to withdraw…

I guess… if you’re interested… watch this space?