Other Places and Other Things…


Links to the various places you’ll find me and my work.




Where all my books are listed/reviewed and available to purchase. 



Includes my works and some reviews by readers.


‘Inspiration Speaks’

An interview I gave back when I was still using Facebook.




 Although I consider myself to mainly be a writer/author, I am also a long time percussionist.

I play the djembe drum, tongue drum, shamanic frame drum and sing chant vocals…

Using these old world instruments and new world technology I have been able to create music under the title ‘In-Woods’.



For a while I used Youtube, adding videos about my interests that I thought other people might enjoy… mainly me talking about faeries/tree folklore/paganism etc and some show & tell of things I’ve collected.  I also made videos to a few of my music pieces.  

I have since removed most of the content… which may seem like a strange decision, but it felt better for me to do so.  I have my reasons, one being that I did not always own the images/music etc used and wanted the channel to be exclusively my own creations.  I’m grateful to those who watched/ subscribed etc… I ended up with over 1300 people ‘subbed’, and my most popular video, a fairy ‘documentary’, amassed over 63k views!

At the moment the channel is there, but sparse.  I’m sorry to the few that miss me making that old content… I may do some more with it at a later date. 



I started a Pinterest board ‘The Trees Have Tales’ to save and share tree art that I saw and liked.  I have since added hundreds of pictures and photographs of trees/ tree spirits etc to this board; there are so many talented folk out there.

The page uses my pseudonym ‘Lone Sylvan’ but I recently decided to add some more boards of my own.

I now have two boards sharing nature photographs I have taken while out and about… adding filters etc to try and make them look more atmospheric.  My disclaimer is that I do not claim to be a ‘photographer’ by any stretch… but I do like these pictures.

I have also added a board for my book cover art etc and another sharing some pastimes of mine… fantasy miniature painting and terrain making plus some scans of published reviews I had in the ‘Retro Gamer’ magazine.   I grew up in the 80s so I saw the rise of computer/video games through the excitement of seaside arcades, early home computers and all the consoles which came and went.  It’s something I still enjoy and video games will probably always be part of my life.


Additionally, if anyone cares, here is a link to the BASIC programmed ZX Spectrum games I coded back in the early 90s…  You will need to download a Spectrum emulator or have a real machine to play these… 

The Spectrum computer scene is actually still alive and well and I was involved in it for a while.  So these games, which I still had on the original cassette, were converted and shared to the ‘ World of Spectrum ‘ archive in 2012.  Since then I have actually gone back to them and made some simple improvements to my favourites of the bunch, but these are the only versions available for download at the moment.


My early mental health work under the name S.WESTWOOD…

I was in two minds whether to link to these, but it was a big part of my life so seemed disrespectful to that old me to just ignore it.  

I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life, although these days it is very much controlled and I can understand it better as ‘depressive realism’.  In the past it really did debilitate me, and coupled with BDD – Body dysmorphic disorder – I have seen some dark times in a lot of distress.

I wrote an autobiography when I began to feel better, using writing as a catharsis, and the publishing of the book ‘Suicide Junkie’ opened doors for me and enabled me to work as a public speaker and voice for the disorder.  I appeared on TV/radio spreading awareness and offering hope to those who were in that same, dark place.

‘Suicide Junkie’ did well despite its rough writing and bad editing so I followed it with a short story collection (which was patchy at best) and a re-edited / re-release of ‘Suicide Junkie’ under a new title and with a fresh ending chapter. 


I’ve had my fingers in creative pies all my life but I’ve also had mental health issues and lack of commercial ambition.  It’s nice to share these things though, and pool it all in one place, but, of course, I can’t share everything… I can’t really share the board games I designed and made, the puppet shows I used to perform or the gigs I played in the 90s as drummer and song writer to my goth/punk band ‘The Immortals’…  (we never made any studio recordings).  And, let’s be honest, I can’t expect anyone to really care about all that stuff !  But I have always been a creative person and in whatever form that takes next I guess I will continue to be. 

The internet allows for sharing, it allows us to find people doing the sort of interesting and amazing art we enjoy… even when it is particularly ‘niche’.  However, there’s also so much out there these days that, as an artist, you can be left feeling a little less special, and a little less heard… shouting into a crowd where everyone is already shouting. 

So if you are reading this…   ‘HI!’   ‘I’M HERE!’   ‘I EXIST!’  …and these are some of the things I’ve done.