I’ve decided not to write this in third person… trying to fool you that I’m more important than I am.  There’s no real point in pretending that I have staff working for me, typing as I dictate…  I’m a self published, non-conventional ‘author’  and I am writing this myself… sitting in my ‘office’ (spare room), revamping my website after a short hiatus… because having a website does make me seem more important than I am.

I’m not a fan of social media, and although I have tried using various platforms in the past, they all leave me cold…  I do realise, however, that my introverted, misanthropic silence can be detrimental to an online ‘presence’ that would allow people to find out about the books I’ve written, and, to be honest, which I kinda want people to read.  Therefore, I will be keeping this website open, at least…

Ok.  So this is the part where I tell you why you should care about me and my work.

To do that correctly I’ll have to forget that I’m just one author in millions and convince you that I’m ‘special’.  I’ll have to attempt to personally believe, despite the fact that I don’t even read much fiction myself, and therefore don’t even know if I’d read my own books had I not written them… that my books are worth your effort and that I am a genuine author… not a dime a dozen self published wannabe.  I will, therefore, have to refrain from mentioning my almost nihilistic belief that nothing really matters in the scheme of things… 

But I know, that for me to have any credibility, I am supposed to impress you with my ‘credentials’.

For a start I’m probably supposed to rattle off all the publications that have featured my work and the awards I’ve won through publishing (because obviously I want ‘it’ so bad that I’ll sell myself out to every publication in the country, and beyond!) …And I know that I’m supposed to tell you about the jobs I’ve had (because they always accurately reflect someone’s soul worth).  Then I’ll indulge in tales about all the amazing travelling I’ve done (to places that aren’t just ‘holidays’), and about the semi-famous person who once said they thought I was awesome.   I should definitely be listing off all my academic accomplishments… because I’m no one if I don’t ‘buy into’ that ‘sort of thing’.  We’re all supposed to have concrete ambitions at an early age and be willing to go to college for many years of our lives in pursuit of one goal and in order to own that wonderful validating certificate of ‘achievement’.

Then, after that, I could mention some of my flaws (to sound more humble and authentic).  Perhaps I could tell you how hard my life has been? …how the lows have reached the same heights as the highs.  Perhaps I could add in a few anecdotes, acting like I’m your friend, making you laugh and putting chemicals into your brain that might fool you into thinking that you now… like me?

Well… nope.  I’m not going to do any of that.

There have been times when I wanted to tell people all about me and how I tick… and then times that I’ve become completely reclusive.  But really, all you need to know is that I’m a 40 something year old guy, living in the UK, feeling pain, distracting himself, trying to be wise yet still learning and attempting to work life out… I hate a lot of things and I like some.

I write, I try to write well…rather than ‘throw away’ beach novels.  I play percussion/ make music and dabble in various other lone endeavours.

But that’s enough about me…  I think the writing should speak for itself.



Oh… And I’m pretty fond of trees.


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