Something quotable



verb (used with object), quot·ed, quot·ing.

to repeat (a passage, phrase, etc.) from a book, speech, or the like, as by way of authority, illustration,etc.

to repeat words from (a book, author, etc.).

to use a brief excerpt from:The composer quotes Beethoven’s Fifth in his latest work.

to cite, offer, or bring forward as evidence or support.

to enclose (words) within quotation marks……

verb (used without object), quot·ed, quot·ing.

to make aquotation or quotations as from a book or author.

(used by a speaker to indicate the beginning of a quotation.)


As a writer, I like to think that my works might include some ‘quotable’ phrases… and if they do,  it is intentional.  One of my favourite, and extremely quotable, authors is Oscar Wilde.  I have a few books of ‘quotes’, and Oscar certainly seems to be the master of witticisms, quips and epigrams…


any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.

epigrammatic expression: Oscar Wilde had a genius for epigram.


There are many such books ‘of quotes’, and my hope that one day I might be ‘quoted’ in one of them is, perhaps, my only ambition… and, to be honest, one I doubt will ever come to pass… everything worth saying has already been said, and most of it was said while Oscar was still around.  

But my use of this writing style has obviously not gone amiss.  To ‘quote’ from a review for my novel ‘Paradise Shift‘; David Giffith on Goodreads said ‘ I had to break out my highlighter, because every handful of pages a beautifully worded phrase would pop up that I want to cut out and paste on my wall, so I can’t forget them.’ 

Mission accomplished then?

Anyway, what occured to me is that although ‘quotes’ are no longer so often spoken as a way to amuse at society dinner parties, they are still very much a part of our modern lives…  People are often heard ‘quoting’ from their favourite movies; remembering a famous line and repeating it; often with an attempt at impersonating the character… ‘you talkin’ to me?’   And just look on Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram… even Twitter maybe (I don’t know… don’t ‘quote me’, I don’t even use half of those medias)… there you will find many a quote… we’ve all seen them… but we now call them ‘memes’.



a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way.


All  they really are is a quote printed upon an image… sometimes an actual ‘quote’ (verb) from a book / film or song lyric, and sometimes words created by the author of the piece, ‘quoting’ themselves.

So I thought…  Perhaps I should start quoting myself more often, and creating more memes?  You know, like modern folk do?  Well I’ve made a few…  using images off the good ol’ net…  not actual quotes from my work, just original phrases I thought would make sense using this medium.  But it still feels ‘cheap’ somehow… is this something Oscar would do, were he to be alive in this day and age?

…Should I stick to my previous ambition, or continue to ‘get with the times’?

…Don’t answer that … ‘like’ n ‘subscribe’   😛


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