I didn’t even know that ‘eco-fiction’ was a ‘thing’ !  But yes… it is something which has been growing for years within the midst of other genres and there are now websites and many authors who identify as such… writing stories and novels with ecological themes either in the fore or background of the story… but which basically acknowledge the environment as well as, and perhaps equal to, the human characters.


Both of my novels were written without genre in mind…  I simply wrote, and said what I wanted to say… but they do happen to fit in with this niche .  And so I am happy to have ‘Forgotten Things’, at least, listed on the main eco-fiction website:

ECO-FICTION: ‘Forgotten Things’

Arguably, my second novel, ‘Paradise shift’ fits even better into the eco-fiction bracket… with its whole idealistic viewpoint that with fewer people our Earth could heal itself from our polluting influence and fix its disrupted biodiversity… it is certainly (cynically) eco at heart.

But…  I need more reviews for ‘Paradise Shift’  if it is to be considered… so if you have read that book and have something positive to say about it – please do take the time to rate it on Amazon and/or goodreads.




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